Rodger Cook Franklin, TN, U.S.A.

Having spoken with many Safari Companies in planning for South Africa, I was most impressed with the fact that Christiaan Du Plooy listened to what I had to say; something that cannot be said of some others in his profession. He was able to provide us with a very comfortable tent camp by the Limpopo River, excellent cuisine for the conditions and an outstanding willingness to make our Safari experience enjoyable. Chris definitely earns his fee by putting clients on game appropriate for their predetermined harvest list while exhibiting patience, a keen eye and with good judgement plus communication skills when on the hunt. His staff has great experience in bush crafts, too. Not only can I recommend Chris Du Plooy Safaris, but I look forward to hunting (and likely fishing) with him again in the future, as I found him trustworthy, industrious, knowledgeable, and fun. Quality is giving your customer more than is expected. Chris understands quality. 

Bill Lukaskuwicz, Michigan, U.S.A.

I’ve hunted with Chris on three safaris and all of them were world-class experiences from start to finish – and we remain great friends to this day. From the moment you book a hunt, the experience begins. Chris takes the time to listen and understand exactly what your goals are, and he effectively communicates realistic expectations based on his complete understanding of the terrain, climate, all African game, hunting techniques and

trophy quality. He works tirelessly to put you in a position to succeed even before you arrive. The one thing that separates him from others is his genuine consideration that this is your safari, your hunt and your memories. I wouldn’t trust my hunt, my trophies, my safety or my money with anyone else. And when you are finished, you’ll depart with memories, trophies, and experiences of a lifetime. On the plane on the way home, you’ll be planning your return trip.”

John Rubel

Chris was better than expected. A true bowhunter that understands bowhunting. I won't hunt Africa again unless it's with him.

Steve & Gaynor Fox, Leicester, United Kingdom

We have had a wonderful time with Chris and Martie in Africa. Gaynor and I have now been on two tours, the first starting in Jo’burg heading North West across South Africa, into and across Botswana to the Okavango then into Namibia. The next tour from Windhoek out to the West coastal strip then South eventually to Cape Town. We are now thinking of our third tour, Cape town, through the Eastern Cape then North. Not only do they sort out the itinerary asking and taking on board our input to the trip, Chris and Martie are great hosts. They sort everything out, transport, accommodation, meals, activities with local guides and so on. We can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Wildlife, we have seen loads, the birdlife is stunning, scenery varied and spectacular. We’ve been fishing for tiger fish and shark, seen petroglyphs, driven quads over the dunes, been to the diamond mines, trekking, flown over the Okavango and the Kalahari in light aircraft…….. the list goes on. We would happily recommend Chris and Martie Du Plooy as guides and hosts for a holiday in Southern Africa.

Marc Mikula, Leonard Michigan, USA

I will always remember this trip. This was not a vacation it was

an adventure! My liver is still intact, I hope! Chris and Martie I will always remember the good food & plenty of laughs.

Love Marc

PS.Chris, love is not for you Ha!Ha! 

Randy Owen, Attica,Michigan

The hunting experience was excellent. The night hunting for the night animals was interesting with a combination of spotlight & bait. I had a very good time. The whole experience with spotting and stalking was very good. The tracker was excellent. Plus going to Kruger and seeing the Big 5. We will be coming back for another good experience.

Brenda Owen, Attica, Michigan

What a wonderful time with wonderful people. Thank you so much for everything. Hope to be back and you come our way also

Elaine Cook, Gettysburg, PA


Thank you so much for a truly memorable experience here in Namibia! From the first day in Etosha to the last night and Norms Eland shot- awesome. Even enjoyed the meat we had for meals –

wish we could take some home.

You are welcome to come visit us anytime. 

Norm Cook, Gettysburg, PA

My brother talked me into coming with him on this trip and what a trip it has been. I will never forget the time we had here, and

I have trophy animals to always remind me of what a great time I had to share with my wife.